Kik Delete Account: So will you be deleting yours?

deactivate-kik-600x446Users who have realized after a test run, that they do not warm up to the Messenger, may their delete Kik account . We show you how to get rid of him and banished from the phone. Make smart now.

Even if the messenger in this country can not compete with the greats, he is relatively popular. One reason why it is more than 200 million users worldwide count is the fact that you have to specify a phone number. Simply Kik Messenger download , create an account and start chatting. Furthermore can be shared limitless pictures, gifs and videos.

In Nervt of dubious chats? – Delete Kik Account

The Messenger was developed by Canadian students and published for the first time of 2010. Since then the number of users has increased steadily. In Germany it is known and popular with teens. What the Messenger of example WhatsApp is different: you have to specify when you create an account, no phone number. What seems practically on one side, has a downside. As you can chat with Kik anonymously, many black sheep cavort among the users. Protection of young people warn in this respect from pedophiles. Looking at the comments in the store on, this assumption confirmed. Those who prefer to yesterday than today quench his Kik account for this reason, follow our instructions. Please nopte that you can still do this if you are a KIK for pc user

Delete account when Kik Messenger

Normally one would expect since deletion options, where you have also created the account. While creating work within Kik with a few clicks, one is for erasing there at the wrong address. Simply, it is nonetheless. How to do it:

  • The deletion of accounts is performed through the browser. First, the user opens this page .
  • Now there is his email address and confirmed with Go! . Note: Please specify the email address with which you have also registered with Kik.
  • Following this, the user receives an e-mail. This behind the link “Want to deactivate your account?” Click.
  • Finally, the user can still give a reason why he wants to Kik Delete Account. Again with ! Goconfirm and the Messenger belongs to the past.

Remove from Kik Smartphone

Who wants to completely finish the topic Kik, can now even remove the app from their smartphone. Younger Android versions allow the deletion by dragging the icons to the top of the screen to the right. To whom it does not work that navigates over the settings for apps . There look for the entry Kik and click to go to the detailed information. On this screen, click on Uninstall and the app will disappear from the smartphone.