iMovie for Windows PC – Free Download Windows Xp/7/8/OSX

downloadiMovie is an app for Apple devices. With iMovie, you can view photos, video clips, etc.  You can also edit and share them with people. Like many other apps for the iOS interface, this app is user-friendly and extremely efficient too.

What is iMovie Clone

iMovie is an excellent app for Apple users. Not all users, however, can afford the luxury of an Apple device. For Windows users, Moravi Video Editor (MVE) is an excellent alternative to the iMovie application. It has all the features that iMovie holds and is available for download free. You can continue to use this free trial version for up to seven days. You need to purchase the software for further use.Download iMovie Clone for Free

You can download Moravi Video Editor (MVE) for free here for your Windows 7/8/XP computer. Try the application and decide for yourself if it suits your movie making, editing, and sharing needs.
Let us learn something about these features in comparison with those of iMovie.

Comparison of Features

Both iMovie and MVE are used to share, edit, and make your own movies and clips. MVE provides you with a lot of features that are just as useful as those on iMovie. Let us check some of these features.Sharing: With iMovie, you can share videos, images, and clips you have edited to your blog, websites, etc.
MVE too offers great sharing options on Youtube, Movietube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.Editing: iMovie can help you edit all of your favorite scenes from movies, clips, and videos. You can also edit your favorite part of a song into a ring tone.

With MVE, you can you can split or merge files. You can rotate, crop, and manage the fps of your files as well. MVE offers further options to enhance sound quality, view, colors, etc. It also offers 2D/3D editing and chrome key adjustment options to make your movies look like the ones that are professionally edited.Making: iMovie provides some great options to make videos on your Apple device.
MVE lets you add a lot of special effects to make your movie stand out. You can merge slides together, add templates and captions, etc.

Our Verdict

If you explore the features of MVE mentioned above and compare them with that of iMovie, you will notice for yourself that the application is just as useful as iMovie and comfortable for a Windows 7/8/XP user to use. All in all, the iMovie clone MVE is a great alternative for Windows users who cannot afford the original app. Download and use it to create awesome movie clips and pictures.