Kik Messenger: the most effective iPhone software ever

Kik Messenger iPhone application

Aided by the iPhone application “Kik Messenger” you send text messages and files free of charge to friends and family.

Nor is WhatsApp the most effective dog on the list of smartphone messengers. Unlike the industry leader, the “Kik Messenger” is also free on iOS while offering similar features. Aided by the Free application, the receiver of the message gets – much like an SMS – a notification and may respond immediately towards the message. Necessity is only a current web connection. You might also need the choice to send images or videos. Should you want to talk to a few people at exactly the same time, this is accomplished comfortably via the group chat function.

Summary: kik windows is a free substitute for WhatsApp, which, however, can not maintain the industry frontrunner in terms of distribution.

Note: “Kik Messenger” requires iOS 8.1 or higher. Through the download key you will be rerouted right to iTunes , which is really a prerequisite for installation.